My name is Alexander. I was born on January 28, 1996 and i live in the suburbs of Paris in France. I product especially chill, pop and house music on Logic Pro X.

I began music production in winter 2017 on Garage Band then on Logic Pro, at the time i was listening a lot of chill music with vocal chop. i was pretty much influenced by artists like Petit Biscuit or Fakear. My first experience allowed me to release my first EP Summer with lots of vocal chop and a touch of « summer music ».

The only people who listened my musics were my friends or family so I decided to make royalty free music, which helped me develop a mini community. I had to send between 50 and 100 mails and i think i had 2 answers, one from La Musique Libre and an other from Vlog No Copyright Music, i’m very grateful for these two channels because i think it will take a little more time to get to know me and my music.

In the process, one of my best-known music « Flashback » was released then « See the Sky » etc. I released a 2nd EP on January 28, 2018 entitled « Music Box » with « Aurora Borealis » and « To U » who was a great success in my own small way. Other great tracks like « One More night« , « Safari » or « Sunny Day » were released in 2018. I was very proud to see my musics on « Jake paul » or « Ninja » Youtube videos. But i didn’t want to be reconized as an artist of background music, i wanted more.

In 2019 i enroll in a music production/DJ school. So i changed i little bit my style and i wanted to be more polyvalent, that’s why i released my 3rd EP « City Skies » who is full vocal and more Pop, with the great « All U Need« . First collaboration was with KSMK on a remix of « YouMakeMe« , and the second with Daloka « Inside Your Eyes« . Now I’m actually working on dance music and you can check my latest release here.

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